Introducing JJ Books

Illustration, Nature, Self Reliant People

This is the JJ Books blog. JJ Books is me, JJ, in book publishing mode. Most people know me as John Jackson which, loosely interpreted, means a chap who is the son of a chap. That is how I started life and how I expect to end it.

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An Inspector Calls

As our smallholding operation became more serious, we began to think about whether we needed to let the authorities know what we were doing and whether we might be able to get any help. So I contacted the local office of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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An Inspector Calls- blog

Saving for a (very) rainy day

There was a time during the development of our smallholding when I really wondered how long the economy could hold up. This was when our project became more than a matter of living an interesting life in the country.

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Saving for a (very) rainy day- blog

The fox - a bad neighbour

When we lived in our smallholding on the Ridge, we had many wild animal neighbours. Some of them were good neighbours and others were bad neighbours. Foxes were bad neighbours.

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The fox - a bad neighbour- blog